It has been awhile since I sat down to write a blog post. My life has been pretty hectic.

I came home from my Guam deployment in mid-February. We moved from our lodging on base to an off-base location when Dyess rotated in. The hotel has some atrocious internet service so I was completely unable to blog my thoughts. The beds were awful too. The twin beds that were in our hotel room were not designed for the 5’8″ American woman. It makes sense because the majority of the tourist population in Guam is from Asian countries.

The last weeks of work were smooth. Planes went up before my shift got there so all I had to do was help catch them and see if the pilots reported any discrepancies. Thankfully nothing extensive broke for my shop. It obviously could have been worse. I got to launch out Matt’s jet during the last launches to send the jets back to home station. It was the best feeling ever. Right before we got home, Matt received an answer back from AFPC in regards to his retraining request. It was approved! His tech school dates dropped with the intial notification too. His first day of class is March 27, 2017 at Keesler AFB, Mississippi. It threw a wrench in our wedding plans. (We were planning a big ceremony for April 15th, 2017.)

I was really sick before the final plane ride home. It took a long time before we were able to board the flight, which is typical for military movements. Thankfully I got to sit next to Matt in the “first class” section. I slept most of the flight home so when we finally landed, I was well rested. My best friend Liz picked Matt and I up. We hung out at their house most of the day so we could avoid Matt’s roommates.

Before the deployment, I broke the lease for my apartment (Liz and an ex whom I had attempted to remain friends with moved all my stuff out of the apartment for me) . Matt technically lived somewhere else with a roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend. However, since about month 2 of our relationship, he just stayed with me. It was easier. So when we came home, we were going to stay at his place for a week until we were able to move into our new place together. I did not like the roommate’s girlfriend (now wife). She is unique and just not someone I would choose as a friend. (I’ll probably write about her another day.) We escaped to Deadwood, SD for some much needed alone time and relaxation.

The best part of our mini-getaway was the king-sized bed in the hotel room. After a month of sharing a twin-sized bed built for a child, the extra space (and length) was glorious. It was nice to leave all the looming military changes in another city and truly cherish the time we had. Moving into our apartment went fairly smooth. I found out that my ex did damage some stuff when he put it in there for me, but it was nothing expensive.

Shortly after moving into our new place, Matt and I drove the 10 hours home to Iowa to get married. My mother really pulled together a nice ceremony at the courthouse followed by a cute reception at Matt and I’s favorite restaurant (Perkins). We found out that Matt’s follow-on orders from tech school are to Nellis AFB, NV. Once we came back from Iowa, we turned in our marriage license to MPF and started the joint spouse application. It has been a nightmare dealing with MPF. They have made so many mistakes and led us down so many dead ends. I know people aren’t perfect and mistakes happen. However, if I performed my job with their speed and competency, a plane would either never make it off the tarmac or it would fall from the sky.

My now husband has left for tech school. I return from leave 3 April and go to ALS on the 10th. My house is almost completely unpacked and we have added a bunny to our zoo. I’m nervous about the future. I hope joint spouse gets approved and I don’t have to go to Korea for a year. I’m still exhausted with my job and can’t wait for the day that I hang my uniform up for the last time.

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