Don’t forget the Sacrifice

On Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, America lost a hero. Staff Sgt. Alexandria Mae Morrow died while performing her job.

The job we do is dangerous. We never think about the possibility that it could happen to us. We focus on getting that jet ready for the next sortie. When the job is done, we part ways from our coworkers and go to the gym or curl up with our spouse and kids on the couch for movie night.

I can’t imagine the heart-wrenching loss her loved ones and her unit are currently experiencing. I also can’t believe some of the awful things that the trolls of the internet have posted regarding her death. Maintainers stick together and there are various humor pages about our jobs. When news of Staff Sgt. Alexandria Mae Morrow death hit the maintainer world, the humor went out and folks reached out to console those personally experiencing the loss.

One individual made some of the most disrespecting remarks about her passing. I did not personally contact his chain of command and I do not know the man. Others did pass his comments along to his base. A screenshot of his remarks has been posted.

Please take the time to send up prayers, or take a moment of silence for this lost life and her family dealing with this tragedy. Regardless of why we join the military, or what are career goals are, none of us expect to have to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Rest in peace sister in arms. We got it from here.


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