13 reasons why.

I recently watched a series on Netflix. It popped up in the “suggested for you” and since I had nothing scheduled for the day and a full pot of coffee, I figured why the hell not.

Holy fuck. I probably should have read the little blurb giving a quick plot description. It’s about a teenage girl that took her life and left behind 13 tapes listing the 13 reasons why she took her life. It’s a little dark and very thought provoking.

As the main character named Clay listens to all 13 tapes that Hannah made before she took her own life, my own memories of darker days came creeping out of the closet.

I’ve been in Hannah’s place before. I had more than 13 reasons to take my own life but it only took 1 for me to not follow through with it and to seek out help.

If you know someone that is considering suicide, or is showing signs that something is wrong, be a decent human being and reach out. We all have our demons and not all of them can be conquered by oneself.

Last remark, watch the series. It’s worth the time.

2 thoughts on “13 reasons why.

  1. This series is as wonderful as it is gut-wrenching for me to watch. It’s all too real for me, yet I am drawn to it. I’ve been that person with the thoughts of “Everyone will be happier without me” – and I’ll admit it. It’s the reason I tend to seclude myself, because as strong of a person and as genuine as I can be, sometimes the world gets to be too much.

    I could’ve turned this into a blog post on its own, but it’s easier this way. The thought of “I’ve been through so much with her, I can’t let her face this world without me.” is one of the major reasons that kept me driving on. So thank you isn’t enough to say.


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