American Gender Equality

Men. Women.

Clearly they are different. Does one deserve less rights or privileges that the other? That question is always debated and the answers given are scrutinized and at times, protested. The constant battle of the sexes is written all throughout our history.

In 1920, women was granted the ability to vote (as equals) alongside their husbands, uncles, brothers and fathers. Women pushed the social barriers until the right to vote was granted. The American government now listened to the once ignored and silenced half of the population. Feminism: 1, archaic male-dominated social concept: 0.

Although women served in the military throughout times of conflict in the United States, they weren’t able to join the ranks as equal members until 1948. In 1948 Congress passed the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act. It granted women permanent status in the military, made them subject to military regulations and authority. It also granted veteran benefits.

Since 1948, the jobs available to women and the number of women serving their country  significantly grown. In 2015, a few women entered in the Ranger school and graduated.

The number of women in the military has grown exponentially. They are able to hold more and more positions in the military. Clearly times change.

The rules that society creates are binding but there is always hope that the few outspoken will blur the lines enough that it replaced with a new guideline to follow. However, a select few still grasp onto the ways of another time.

Where do we draw the line between men’s rights and women’s rights? What’s fair? Will it ever be fair?

Is it safe to hand a women a rifle and send her to the front lines in Afghanistan? Is it fair to ask a man to take her place? Is it her right to take that mans place?

Who knows. In this new generation, the masses will create the answers based on their sensitive and sheltered feelings. Feelings that are created in an environment centered around participation medals, awards for last place, ignorance and an inability to face reality on the adult and tough-skinned level. It is contagious and infectious.

My personal opinion: I am not a man. I am also not an idiot. I know that my vagina will cause issues for my unit (and my health) if I am sent to a desert with only my platoon, my battle rattle, a few MRE’s and my rifle. I get it. Women probably shouldn’t hold any obvious front-line job that could get her raped in a POW camp or a one-way ticket home in a flag-draped coffin. I don’t think it’s a women’s place to be on the front lines, even though I am not really sure I know what a “women’s place” really is. I do know what I don’t want to see on the news. I do think that women in the military is a fucking phenomenal idea though. I am a female and I work on aircraft engines in the military. I am not lesser than my fellow male counterparts. I can lift my own damn tools and fix that plane just as well, if not better than they can. My male counterparts know this. I am respected. I am trusted. I have had to deal with too many sexist, close-minded male fools that failed to expand their minds and accept that the future is here. It’s fine. It’s people like them that make it easier to spend hours making a cheat book. (A cheat book for maintainers is gold, and it makes doing our job faster. It basically contains little tricks of the trade that we learned along the way that we don’t want to forget.) They help remind me to constantly read my theory of operation T.O’s (T.O’s are technical manuals about how to do our jobs and how the engines and related systems work.) I also make a pretty good firefighter and EMT. It’s what I plan to do when I get out the military. I wish I could be like the skinny, pretty girls that flit around the offices with the lawyers or in the doctor’s. My life would be a hell of a lot easier if I was happier being a stay at home wife/mom. It’s just not me. I don’t belong on the front lines but I do deserve a chance to sign away my life and wear the uniform.

This new generation is the future of our military. Only the future history books will hold the answer on how it all played out. My only question is who writes it.

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