My car betrayed me.

I’ve had Betsy for a long time. She’s a red 2003 Ford Focus LX. She’s nothing special. There’s no cruise control, power locks or power windows. The highlight to her is her mileage. She’s got less than 45,000. I put on 15,000. She’s been pretty good.

Earlier this week, I started my car to warm it up and went off to go smoke a cigarette. When I finished it and got into my drivers seat, the cab was filled with smoke and the engine was pouring out smoke. All my electrical components were flickering and all of a sudden, she shut herself off. I attempted to restart her, and she wouldn’t turn over.

I ended up just buying a new car. I was planning on buying a new vehicle once I PCS’d to a new base. Betsy was going to be our in-town driver for winters and such. At the time, I was torn between a mini-van, a suv or a mustang. My husband has a mustang named Emily. She’s a beauty and sounds mean. I couldn’t really justify to myself adding another one to our family. Although mini-vans have some great features, I just don’t like them. My husband does which is why I was considering one.

I am not much of a car enthusiast. If it runs and will be reliable, I don’t care what it is. My ford focus was the newest car I’ve ever owned. I’ve never owned a car with power locks/windows or cruise control, and Betsy was my first car that was an automatic. She just had to go up in flames. Dramatic Bitch. I figured out what caused it. My ignition got stuck in the “start” position, this resulted in my starter continuing to operate. It burned up a solenoid with the overload of power. I am replacing the starter and selling her. I’m using the low miles for her age and recently replaced tires as the main selling point.

I did find a newer car that I absolutely love. I bought a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. She’s pretty. She’s a 6 speed manual drive. She has 35,000 miles and power locks and windows. I love her. I test drove a few other vehicles. I wanted to stay around the 11k range even though I was approved for 20k. Once the dealer learned I was able to drive a manual, they showed me the Elantra.

They came down from 16k to 10,750.


I’m happy. I’ll have car payments for a long time but at least I have my first car that I actually love.

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