Life-changing Answers

AFPC finally did their job. Let the nonner celebration commence! Sarcasm aside, there really is a reason to celebrate. I no longer have to go to Korea. AFPC processed my memorandum I sent them. (It pulled my voluntary statues, hence canceling my set of voluntary orders to Kunsan AFB, Korea.) Since I technically had no orders at that point, I was eligible for joint spouse. My joint spouse application was approved. I got orders to Nellis AFB, NV with my husband. We leave Ellsworth to PCS towards the end of June.

I’m projected to the AMXS squadron down there. I like flight line work. Working in the back shop at Ellsworth wasn’t horrible. It has great supervision down there but compared to the work load of the line, it’s minimal. Since I have deployed twice and been on the line for 2 years, AMXS will probably snatch me up. I hope so, the hours may be longer but the pride you get from seeing that jet take off is worth it. Not a single job in the back shop made me proud to be an Air Force maintainer.

Now the fun of dealing with TMO begins. My husband and I also get the lovely pleasure of finding a place to live. It’s all worth it. As of today, I have 1 year, 9 months and 7 days left on my enlistment contract. Getting out of the military in Vegas is very beneficial. It will be easy to find a job and the bachelor program I want to enroll in is present in the colleges there. I also checked to make sure that all the classes in the program are transferable. All of them are transferable and I can use my GI bill. I will only have to pay for the last year of the program but being prior military/military spouse, I will qualify for the military rate. The last year will be under 10k in cost. That’s less that my car loan.

I’m so close to getting out. PCS’sing to Vegas is just another mile marker towards the final exit.








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