Time management

If you have ever been to any kind of marriage class or any form of military PME class, you’ve probably taken a form of the four lenses quiz. It’s a personality test that breaks up 4 common personality groups into four colors. Green is your more logical and reasoning based people. Blue is the opposite of green. Blue are your more emotional based people. Gold is your more organized folks. Orange is the opposite of the gold group and they are your more adventurous individuals.

The first time I took it was at a military mil-to-mil function. It included discussing the results and comparing them to your spouse’s results. It also talked about your secondary traits. We also discussed your love language as well as your apology language. My results for the four lenses was a high green. My next highest score was gold. I scored very low in blue and orange. My spouse (now my ex-husband [see my previous blog posts about him]) was a high blue and very low in everything else.

The second time I took it was last week in ALS. I still score really high in green and gold but this time I scored a lot higher in blue. I still scored very low in orange. It makes sense. I’ve matured a lot and have focused on showing my emotions more. I’m still a reasoning based individual and I’m an extremely organized person. My husband is too. It explains one of the reasons why we work so well together.

I am very effective at time management. I am the type of person you can rattle off an extensive to do list and establish a time to get it done and I will get it done. I’m great at splitting up people for jobs that rely on their strengths and completing all the tasks without breaking a lot of ETAC times. I can’t stand it when I’m idle or when things fall apart in a cluster. It drives me crazy when I have a list of things to do or I’m waiting on someone else to accomplish something. My mindset to knock out everything and move on with life.

That being said, I can’t stand ALS. I show up for class no later than 0645, expecting class to start at 0700 since that is the time established for it to begin. You’d think that the military would start all things promptly. This is not the case. I think the earliest class actually started was 0730. We don’t get out of class until 1530-1630. I don’t mind but it becomes highly irritating when you account for all the idle time that occurs during the duration of the academic day.

I enjoy the classes that I feel actually pertain the the concept of ALS. The concept of ALS is to create effective leaders in the various career fields of the Air Force. We spent 3 hours discussing “Successful learning” and a full hour discussing “Creative thinking”.  Also we spent a solid half hour discussing the assignments that are coming due while in ALS. Then on Friday we went back over the ones due next week, but this time it went into the specifics of what is expected and how it will be graded.

It was frustrating. I don’t feel that the successful learning class nor the critical thinking class was critical or vital to becoming an effective leader. Frankly, it just wasted time that should have been spent doing something else. We could have been digging into the meat and potatoes of bullet writing or examining the aspects of effective leaders. The briefing on the assignments could be eradicated since we discussed for almost 2 hours on Friday about our assignments coming due, the grading rubrics and the expectations of such. I was livid by the end of class. We also had to a mass clean-up of the building and a class “icebreaker” event at 1700.

The whole arrangement of ALS feels poorly and ineffectively arranged. I’d rather be at my job, accomplishing tasks that matter. I shouldn’t even be in ALS. I no longer have orders to Korea since I just got orders to Nellis and I didn’t make staff. I have zero intentions of making staff. What’s the fucking point? I’m getting out in 1 year, 9 months and 7 days. I don’t want to have to write EPR’s for shitty people and get my ass handed to me from production or the flight chiefs for someone else fucking up at work or in their personal life. That would be an even bigger waste of my time and effort.

So that is my negitive thoughts on ALS. There are some positives though. There are some munitions/ammo troops, and intel dude, as well as some National Guard guys in my class.The guard guys come from all different walks of life. They bring a fresh, unique perception to the class that I just don’t get exposed to as active duty. Hearing about how the military is for ammo troops is different too. I never seen them on the line but they are maintainers. Their experiences are similar to mine but there are some drastic differences. I like the refreshing diversity.

I need to work on my patience in ALS. Maybe this upcoming week won’t be filled with so much idle time. Who knows.

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