What type of NCO do you want to be?

It’s a well written question. It would result in better in better answers if it was posed to the correct audience. Unfortunately, I do not fit the criteria for that audience.

I didn’t make staff last year. I didn’t study, but I took the exams honestly. I probably should have just listed the same letter answer for the entire test. I only missed it by 7. I made the score needed to be considered for SKT but missed the minimum score for PDG by 7. I scored higher on my SKT then some of the people who did make staff for my AFSC. Also the EPR score made this past testing cycle funky too.

I test for staff again on May 24, 2017. I should care. I should bleed blue. I just don’t have the desire anymore. I am not reenlisting. The Air Force would be wasting all that extra pay on me. I’d be taking a stripe from that airman who is almost at their higher tenure and wants to stay in for 20 years and make a difference in my career field. Kudos to that guy. I respect you for doing the job that I don’t want to do anymore.

I want to be a leader, but not for maintenance. I fail to see the point. It’s a broken system and the longer that I am in, the more I believe that it will always be a broken system. But hey, at least the jets stay in the air and the mission gets done.

I want to be a nurse. I want to help heal people and lead that team. I want to be appreciated for my compassion and calm, collected behavior under stressful situations. I don’t want those stressful situations to be centered around ETAC’s and redball maintenance.

I’m tired. I’m done.

I believe it takes strength to admit when you are spent and courage to start over somewhere else. I appreciate the opportunities that the Air Force has given me. I promise I will carry forward the lessons I’ve learned.

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