Small communities

WordPress just got a whole lot smaller. My ex-husband has a blog. That’s right. He started a blog site on the very same website that I use. I doubt it was intentional. He has feelings and WordPress is a very popular blogging platform. Hell, I use mine as a personal journal/thought recording tool. 

I had forgotten that I followed his instragram. I had clicked “follow” way back when we were married. It quite an awkward shock when I was browsing through my feed and his still chubby but now grotesquely hairy face popped up in it. I immediately told Matt about it and the awkward giggles commenced. (The “following” situation has now been corrected.) When I clicked on his username, it brought me to his instagram page where he had posted a link to his blog.

I do find it intriguing that he chose to name his blog “The Vet Life”. It is very similar to the name of my blog, The Grime Life. Technically the name of his blog is very appropriate for him. He is a vet although I don’t know if his discharge was voluntary and honorable. He was active duty in the Air Force as a financial comptroller, aka, nonner. When we split up, he still struggled to pass his PT tests and he made staff. I can’t fully remember if he reenlisted or just extended his contract. He did about 6 years-ish. I do know that he got out of the military and left Ellsworth AFB long before I came home from Guam. Who knows if it was just because he’s too fat or he just finished his contract…. Either outcome would not be surprising at all. 

I emailed him in October ( I think) asking him to remove his name from Betsy’s car title. He said he wouldn’t be in Rapid City anymore, he was getting out of the military. (I can get his name removed from the title with my divorce decree since I took ownership of it in the divorce.) Matt and I discussed selling Betsy to get a newer car that had cruise control as a feature. When I told him about Bobby’s response and that his name on the title as “and” could affect selling her, he suggested the divorce decree as a possible suggestion. When Liz (my best friend) renewed my car registration for me while I was deployed, she inquired about the divorce decree removing his name from the title and they confirmed what Matt suggested. (This man is truly a genius.)

Anyways, I’ll get back on topic. I checked out his blog, it’s fairly empty and I’m not surprised. Applying himself has always been problematic for him. He probably isn’t doing much for himself but who knows. Divorce can change the lesser person for the better.

I suggest taking a look as there are two sides to every story. His perspective will differ from mine since he lives in a muddled reality but for the curious and nosy reader, you might enjoy it.

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