Shower Thoughts…

Showers can be immensely boring sometimes. Usually I listen to music but I failed to charge my bluetooth speaker so I was forced to entertain myself with my god-given talents.

I used only my brain, perverts….

My brain is excellent at last minute theoretical debates and it came up with a random thought. If you choke a smurf what color would it turn?

I spent more time than I’m willing to admit pondering this thought amid fragrant bubbles and flickering candle light.

My thought process started with reviewing what I do know about choking and loss of oxygen. If you choke a human, our faces flush red and our lips turn blue. Slowly but surely, the skin will turn a ashen-blue. This happens because our blood is red when oxygenated and blue when deprived of that vital substance.

That quick review led me to ask further questions. What color is a smurf’s blood when it is oxygenated? It’s possible that it is red like ours is, and their skin is thick enough that they don’t look purple. (I proceeded to giggle at the thought of purple smurfs. I don’t know why, although in hind sight, this entire mental debate is quite silly) What gives their skin its well-known blue color? Melanin is what gives our skin its pigmentation. I’m assuming their design would include a variant of that.

In conclusion, I think that smurfs would just turn a darker shade of blue, possibly toward the navy end of the spectrum.

It’s possible I’m just crazy. I did spend almost a solid thirty minutes debating choking out a cartoon character. I did tell my husband about this and his only response was that he loves me and I should probably eat something.

Is anyone really “normal”? I might debate that during my next shower.


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