Daily Prompt: Bitter

Angry. Hurt. Resentful because of one’s bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment.
I think that everyone has felt this way at some point in their life. I think it is one of the worst human emotions that we could expierence. It can drive people to extreme measures at the drop of a hat. Maintaining a bitterness or a grudge inside you is equivalent to drinking a toxin and expecting it to affect another person.

I am guilty of holding grudges and harboring bitterness and resentment. I don’t need a jury to inform me of that. I’ve been through many events that should have destroyed me. The part that eats away at me from time to time is the thought that each experience that went sour is usually worse than the previous one. I’m slowly improving my negative outlook on the military and certain people in my past that have been malicious. Forgiving others and letting bygones be bygones is a hard pill to swallow. I wish that I could be the type of woman that maintains her lady-like demeanor in the face of monstrosity. 

I just can’t be.

I just apologize for losing my temper and cut all ties with the offender. They cease to exist to me. Eventually, the rage inside me subsides and their past offenses don’t cause me to become spitting mad anymore. Moving on with life feels good. It makes me happy. I am so close to moving onto the next chapter of my life.

Unfortunate, there are some events that have occurred to me that will probably cause me to remain bitter. Thank you, Uncle Sam for that. It’s a pleasure.

Yea, writing this has made me feel a little salty. What’s y’alls advice for removing the bitterness from your life?
via Daily Prompt: Bitter

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