There are so many opinions about the company LuLaRoe. The best seller for them and a raving point of the company is the leggings. One of the primary complaints is that their leggings rip like wet toilet paper. There are entire Facebook groups out there that are geared towards various “LuLaRoe fails”. The company has finally listened to all the complaints and now created the make good program.

This program allows you to get you money back for defective items. All you need is to do is contact the consultant you purchased from and give them the product, along with the proof of purchase. The consultant may give you a  replacement,  a LuLaRoe Gift Card or a refund. I’m glad they are finally doing this but I have never had a need for it.

Personally, I love LuLaRoe. I am not willing to disclose exactly how many LuLaRoe items I currently have in my closet. I love the leggings, Carly dress, Amelia dress and the Irma.

The leggings are incredibly soft. They come in two adult sizes. One size is for size 0-10 and Tall and curvy is for size 10-22 (I think…). I have never had a pair rip on me. I think it’s because I wear the bigger size of leggings so I don’t overstretch the smaller size. I am a size 10, tall. The one size fit me perfectly but they are a little too short for my taste. Tall and curvy are a little too big but they are the perfect length for me. I think a lot the leggings that rip on people are the ones that should be in the bigger size. Picture sitting on a can of biscuits, chances are that the can will bust.

I love the Carly dress and the Amelia. There are so many ways to wear the Carly dress. The Amelia is easy to dress up for date night or dress down for a friend’s barbecue. These dresses have sizes for the petite woman and the plus-sized woman.  I am so excited to be moving to Vegas! It’s warmer weather then South Dakota, so I can wear all the dresses I have!!

The Irma is a shirt. It’s a high-low cut and it’s usually worn as a tunic cut. It’s my favorite shirt to wear with leggings because it covers my rear. There is a line of clothing for children and some shirt options for men as well. There are also other styles for women that I didn’t discuss because it isn’t really my style. All the styles are listed on LuLaRoe‘s website.

In closing, I think that LuLaRoe has something for everyone. However, it might not be for you. It’s not designed to be high fashion and some individuals enjoy dressing like that. To each your own.

Buyer beware but given the right size, you will love it.

My favorite consultants to buy from are:

LuLaRoe Lab, LuLaRoe Haley Gallagher, and LuLaRoe Haleigh Fortuna

These are Facebook groups. All these wonderful consultants are quick about shipping out your purchased items. LuLaRoe Lab and Haleigh Fortuna have amazing live shows about their items available to sell. All these ladies have frequent giveaways as well. Happy shopping!!!


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