Marriage Evaluation

I have been with Matthew for more than a year and his wife for a little bit longer than two months.

Nothing has changed in my relationship other than my last name and his address.

I think this is spectacular. I don’t want anything to drastically change. I want us to grow together as one. I’ve learned a lot about him since taking his last name on March 8th, 2017.

When we are apart, he still browses for little trinkets that he thinks I’d like and that reminds him of me. He pours the first cup of coffee for me in the morning. He does household chores around the house without being asked and lets me sleep in when I am tired. He truly is a blessing from up above.

Since we have been married, I’ve learned more about his adorable quirks and pet peeves. My husband loves to vacuum around the house. I haven’t figured out why. It’s quite convenient because I hate vacuuming and we have three cats. He does it at random times of the day but it isn’t during the quiet hours of our routine. He also is very prompt and efficient at restocking the bathrooms with toilet paper. I’m always impressed that he beats me to the restocking. His pet peeves are dirty counters. He is always cleaning up the various messes I’ve made on the counters in the bathroom and kitchen. I’m trying to get better cleaning up the messes I make immediately, but straightening up the counter clutter in the bathroom has proved to be a reoccurring problem. He calls his cleaning habits, his version of home improvement.

Ladies, you need a man like this. Find one like this before you have kids, I swear it makes life easier. I’ve experienced the lazy slob of a husband and it sucks. I don’t miss the coming home from a long shift to a messy house and his ass firmly planted in front of the TV with a game controller in his hand. Thankfully, I didn’t have the stress of destructive and messy children added on that situation.

I was a little nervous that when we got married, that all the sweet little things that he does for me and for us would cease. Thankfully, they haven’t and I don’t think that they will ever cease. I look forward to conquering the various struggles that life will throw at us. I also look forward to raising children together.

I think I have an equal, attentive and supportive partner for life. I finally got it right this time. Life is too short to be in a shitty relationship and to be miserable.

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