Memorial Day

Please don’t thank me for my service tomorrow.

Just don’t do it. I don’t deserve it.

Every member that has ever worn the uniform has sacrificed at some point during their service. Their families have sacrificed as well. It is just a part of the way of life for the military. We deserve a thank you or a handshake but not tomorrow.

I am alive. I have not laid down my life for my country and lost.

However, so many have. It’s why I am free to live the life I choose.

Thank the fallen.

Take some time away from the barbecues, the family gatherings and the social drinking to remember why tomorrow is a national holiday.

Those service members selflessly paid the ultimate price for freedom in this country. I don’t care if you do not agree with the political situation or the military’s policies. You are able to express those opinions because of them.

Kindly, keep those particular remarks to yourself tomorrow. It’s one day. Be respectful. Remember those that lost their lives too soon and send up a prayer to whatever being you worship to those families that feel the loss tomorrow.


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