A New Chapter

It’s official. The Air Force has uprooted our previous way of life and sent us on a new adventure. The days leading up to the scheduled TMO (the military hires contractors to pack up and move their service members) days felt surreal. I thought that I was going to be a one-base wonder. I know a few jet troops that never PCS’d or deployed during the term of their enlistment. I am not sure if Ellsworth is the black hole or if the back shop is the root cause. (It’s hard to deploy from back shop because there is no back shop in deployed locations and flight line personnel like to take the most experienced. I am a unicorn.)

Anyways, I really did get my joint spouse orders approved with my husband. I am so grateful that we get to spend the first year of our marriage in the same location. TMO packed up all our stuff on the 19th and then they moved all our furniture and neatly labled boxes out of our apartment. We fully out processed the base on the 22nd and drove off to our new adventure on the 23rd. We finally arrived in Vegas late in the afternoon today.

Once we moved out of our apartment in Rapid City, SD, we stayed in the Comfort Suites that was down the road from the apartment. We stayed there up until our departure date. The room was very clean but I think it was highly overpriced. There wasn’t any availability anywhere else on base or in town. I will never pay a hundred something for a hotel room again, unless it has room service credit or a Jacuzzi in the room. Rapid City can shove their overpriced rooms in a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

After we hit the road, our first stop for the night was Cheyenne, WY. The traffic wasn’t bad, not even in the city itself. We stayed at Rodeway Inn – Cheyenne East and it was probably one of the worst places I’ve ever stayed. The rate was steep for what you got. The entire hotel was extremely run down. The bed was very uncomfortable. It was a bed spring mattress and it just assaulted your back as the night progressed on.

Our next big stop was Salt Lake City, UT. This is where the crazy traffic began. Once again, we elected to stay at another Rodeway Inn -Salt Lake City. This hotel wasn’t great it was a huge step up from the previous Rodeway in Cheyenne. The bed was a lot more comfortable but the walls are thin. We checked in at the same time that an Asian tour bus off loaded. Most of the guests next to us were a little too loud. We could clearly hear our next door neighbor partaking in bedroom yoga. I think the headboard on their side of the wall is on the same side as our headboard in our room. It made things awkward but thankfully, it was short-lived.

Both of the locations have picture listed and I promise you that they are very misleading, What you see is not what you get. At least it was bug free and for the most part, quiet. I would never choose these hotels if I wasn’t limited by what the military pays out.

Hotels always say that they have a “government” rate, but they really don’t.

We stayed at Comfort Suites in Rapid City before we started the driving process for the PCS. It was expensive to stay there. Their “government/military rate” was roughly $120 before taxes, and resort fees. I have a friend that works there as the desk clerk. She said that is what the military gets paid for hotel expenses. I have no idea where these hotel chains get their numbers, but those numbers are off by a substantial amount. Honestly, Comfort suites wasn’t worth the $120 but there weren’t a lot of other hotels available. I wasn’t impressed by the breakfast either.

I am excited to see what Las Vegas has to offer and what my new maintenance unit will be like. I don’t really have my hopes up though because I don’t like disappointment.

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