House Hunting

Hotels are great but not very spacious for three playful cats. We need a place to live in Las Vegas and we don’t have a lot of time to find one. The issues that you run into if you want to find a place before the actual move is that leases usually require a physical walk through before hand.

Living on base is always an option for us. Matthew and I wanted to live in a three bedroom house if possible. If we were applying for base house at Ellsworth, we would have gotten it. However, Nellis was going to put us in a two bedroom. They save the three bedroom for people with more than 1 child. Since my husband and I are both active-duty military, we both get paid BAH. Since we have no child, our BAH is at the single rate amount. If we did have children, Matthew would get the with dependent amount for BAH (since he is higher ranking) and I would still get the single rate. Living on base, the cost of rent is at the with-dependent amount for BAH. They take it all. They would take all of Matt’s BAH and a little of mine to meet the with-dependent rate. In Vegas, that’s roughly $1400.

It’s been stressful looking at overpriced apartments and run-down houses. We finally found a house to rent in a gated community. The pictures do not do it justice. It’s a three bedroom house with a loft space that makes a perfect office space. The rent is $1250 a month. I’m rather relieved that I don’t have to live on base. Not all military spouses are polite and kind women. Chase is also going to live with us. Since the house is huge and spacious, we all fit in here very comfortably.

Chase has known my husband since their crew chief technical school days. They were stationed at Ellsworth and deployed together. They also both for retrained as unit training managers. Luckily, they both got orders to Nellis as their tech school follow on. Chase and I have worked together since I came to work for the 34th side of AMXS at Ellsworth. Living together makes it easier to save money and gives Chase and my husband a chance to bounce ideas off each other about work things. The Air Force is an extremely small world and it makes it easier to navigate around the politics and learning curve.

When the house is unpacked and organized, I’ll write another post about it and include some pictures. It’s a very beautiful house and worth a lot more than $1250 a month. Since the day we all received orders to Nellis, we’ve been extremely lucky.

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