Independence Day

Happy 4th of July folks. Enjoy the day and remember to hydrate!

Last year, my husband and I went horseback riding in the hills of South Dakota. It was a lot of fun. I grew up in Iowa and I had gotten a lot of opportunities to be around various livestock and horses. My husband grew up in the cities of Maryland and obviously, horses were not a large part of his childhood. It was amusing to watch him on the horse as it galloped on trail.

This year, we are staying home. We aren’t quite ready to experience the craziness of the Vegas strips on the holiday. So, here we are, cuddled on the couch, browsing for something to watch on Netflix as I write this.

We are planning on going to the old strip tomorrow night, so expect to see a post about our shenanigans tomorrow. I think that we will use an Uber. Rapid City doesn’t have Uber. I think it might be because the city’s population is too small. I’m not sure. Rapid City has a couple cab companies but they are all pretty unreliable. They will pick you up on time if you schedule a pick up before you begin your night downtown. However, they almost rarely show up for the time you scheduled to be brought home. I am hoping that Uber is a little more reliable. I don’t know any of my coworkers, so I can’t call one of them for a ride home.

We might spend New Years’ Eve on the strip. I think it might be fun. Who knows? We will be here for at least four years so I am not in any rush to see the sights of the city.

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