State of the new house

Progress is being made. Each room in the new house is in various states of unpacking. All the of the decorations and pictures have been hung up. The kitchen is finished. It’s mostly in a state of disarray because of the neglect. It’s hard to focus on solely unpacking one room at a time because the packers didn’t pack one room at a time. The contents of the boxes are jumbled among the different rooms. I’m trying to just focus on an individual box at a time.

I have no clue where to take the empty boxes to. The trash company won’t take them all at once and the local homeowners’ association throws a fit if we leave them by curb to await pick up. I’m actively trying to find someone to take them on various Facebook marketplace groups. It’s not a pressing need, yet. They will have to be gone by October.

We found an extra bed for our guest room but we haven’t had any luck in regards to finding a dining room table. Something should pop up by October.

I’ll post pictures of the new house when everything is finally unpacked and the boxes find new homes. I can’t stand having a messy home and detest pictorial evidence of that state. This new house is absolutely gorgeous and the pictures we received before moving in did not do it justice.

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