The majority of information provided in most military briefings/commander calls is just reiteration.

Don’t rape someone. Don’t drink or drive. Don’t drink underage. Don’t do drugs. You make this mission happen and I appreciate it. Good job.

… Good boy/girl. Sit, stay, reenlist and check out tools….

Every new airmen that reports to their first base has to attend FTAC (first term airman course). It’s usually a week long and when I went through it at Ellsworth, I had to wear my blues for the first day. It’s basically a week of different briefings. Most of the briefings weren’t applicable to me. I was married at the time but I didn’t have children. There were representatives from the CDC and various other children programs that were offered on the base. Some of the briefings were reiterations the zero tolerance policy of sexual assault and harassment. I remember being bored and restless during the entire week.

When I arrived at Nellis, since I was not an airman coming from tech school, I only had to attend a “right start” briefing. It was basically the same information that Ellsworth’s FTAC was but it was adjusted for programs and local area information regarding to Nellis/Las Vegas.

The policy of zero tolerance for sexual assault and harassment was still briefed. That briefer took a very long time. She kept repeating herself, even though she was just reading her PowerPoint slides and I just couldn’t stay focused. I think that if all a briefer is going to do is read the damn PowerPoint slides, then help me save time and just email me them.

The security briefing was pretty straight forward. It highlighted the more dangerous areas of Las Vegas. I’m pretty aware of my surroundings but I appreciated being informed about the unsafe locations.

A commander’s call is a mandatory attendance briefing in which your unit/base commander briefs you on various topics. Some of these topics are what’s going on in the unit or the Air Force as a whole, a “atta-boy” speech, a butt chewing, etc. I almost want to take wagers on how many SNCO’s “piggy-back” off what the commander stated earlier.

In general, I’m tired of having to attend various briefings and commander’s call. It is the same information every single time. It’s constant piggy-backing between various briefer people. It’s awards being handed out to either people I don’t know/care about or to those that do not deserve them. It’s a waste of time.

One of the new hot topics in the Air Force is cutting down on unneeded programs/training requirements like CBT’s (computer-based training modules). My recommendation to the higher leadership is to start with (what I call) “Information reiteration briefings”. Just distribute the information in a mass email and remind folks a couple days in the week in a 5 minute max morning roll call.

However, this makes too much logic and higher ups need an audience to flex their importance. Therefore, this policy will never come to be.

Reason number: 554 I do not want to reenlist.

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