Run, (Vegas), Run

A couple weeks ago, I started running again. I am normally a regular, long distance runner. My husband and I moving to Vegas but a huge dent in my regular workout routine.

The Air Force gives each member 10 days of house hunting days upon arrival to the new duty station. Sadly, I did not utilize these precious days off for coveted gym gains. I spent this time unpacking a little and exploring the night life of two strips in Vegas. I also took my first Uber ride.

Anyways, I finally got around to checking out the gym that is on the base. It’s free to use. However, it’s always busy every time I am able to go. I know every gym has its peak hours, but I’ve never seen one nearly packed at all times. This base hosts all the red and green flags here. (The flags are big training events in which different aircraft from different bases come down here for a period of time to train with other aircraft.) When I tried to get a decent workout in, it was during one of the red flag events. I already live roughly 30 minuets from base and when I saw how packed the running track and the wight rooms were, I was just done. I have remedied this issue with an off-base gym membership. It’s closer to my house and during the peak hours, equipment is still readily available.

Before I got a membership though, I was running outside, around my gated neighborhood. I can easily slip in a mile and a half without repeating any streets. The heat, however, is awful. I still plan on running outside every once in awhile when the sun starts to set.

That first run here was around 10 in the morning and the temperature outside was 102. I could see the heat rising off the cars and feel the heat of the pavement though my shoes. It was one of my record time runs because I wanted nothing more than for this particular experience to be over. It was a learning experience. Running at night is a lot more enjoyable. You can hear the crickets chirping and feel the air start to cool and turn crisp.

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