A Few of My Favorite Things

Number 1: My husband is obviously my favorite person. He understands how my brain works. He is patience when I am freaking out about something. He loves my chubby rolls. He loves my determination when we go running together. He challenges me to be a better person. He mentors me. He loves me. He is my person.

Number 2: Wine. I like alcohol and I love fruit. I feel like it is the perfect combination of both. I feel less guilty at the gym when I drink a bottle of wine instead of a beer.

Number 3: Running, specifically running with my husband. He is more athletically inclined than myself. I tried once to keep up with his pacing for a run. I swear, I almost died. I can’t maintain that pace and he didn’t even break a sweat. I feel a little bad asking him to slow down so we can knock out 30 minutes together but I don’t think that it bugs him in the slightest.

Number 4: I love movies. There are so many options out there. Enough said.

Number 5: Food. All kinds. I want it all in my belly. Doesn’t everyone?

What are some of your favorite things?


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