A glimpse into our communication

My husband and I finally sat down together with a freshly packed hookah bowl and a glass a wine to discuss some things that have been on our agenda. We want to have a child together. We were wanting to discuss a few different options.

As most of my readers already know, we are a dual military couple.

Matthew is learning a new job. He transitioned from a B-1 flight line crew chief to a unit training manager.  I am still a flight line maintainer. I am technically learning a new job as well. I worked the F100 G.E. engine on the B-1 at my last base and now I am trying to learn the F100 P.W engine on the F16 as fast as possible. Due to the differences in our schedules, it’s proved to be a challenge to sit down and refresh each other on our goals.

Anyways, we finally go to sit down and hash out the decisions to be made. The first thing that we did was actually make a budget. We technically already have one but we didn’t have a game plan on what to do if I am no longer in the military or employed. The only debt is my car. I had to take a car loan out to replace my last vehicle. Our bills are easily paid based on only my income. Since Matthew is higher ranking, he makes more than I do. We are projected to be firmly in the black in the event that I am unemployed.

We are trying to plan a child and remain aware of our finances. I know too many couples that popped out a couple of kids without any sense to be fiscally responsible in the process. I don’t understand that mindset. If you are barely staying afloat and you are heading towards the negative, why are you continuing to spend money on stupid shit?!?

After talking about money, I told my husband about how much I want a child. We were planning on starting in December but I told him I just don’t want to wait anymore. I have put a lot of my “wants” and goals on hold for the military. I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t. The more I wait, the more I feel like something is missing from my life. I look at the pictures on the wall of our home. They are beautiful reminders of memories. I look forward to more frames filling the white of the walls.

I struggle with talking to my husband sometimes. I am still not accustomed to having an eager, supportive husband in my life. I am technically a couple days late for my monthly cycle. I told Matt about this. I am not worried about it. I’ve been a little stressed with work lately and taking that emotion out in the gym. I’ve been late before. I am hoping that the reason I am late this time is because I am pregnant. I don’t want to jump the gun and get my hopes up. We are both crossing our fingers tho.




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