An Open letter to my Future Child (Part 1)

Dear child,

I am not even pregnant with you yet but I already feel like I know you. I hope we will be close as you age and discover the world around you. I want you to know that you are loved and will always be loved. In this first letter, I want to explain some of the hopes  that I have for you.

I hope that you are good. No. Scratch that. I want you to be good. Don’t hit people. Don’t bully people. It’s not nice. I have dreams about you. I know that you will be precious and a gift to your father and me. I know you will challenge us to our very core and morals. It’s okay.

I want to show you all the kindness in the world and attempt to shelter you from the cruelness. I know that I will fail. You will feel disappointment. You will experience failure. I hope that I can be the guiding light in your life when you are at your darkest.

I want to comfort you when the tears flow like a river and cheer as loud as a stadium when the favorite team scores a touchdown. I want to defend you when you are vulnerable and challenge you to be resilient.

It’s okay to be an asshole sometimes. I want you to be strong in your opinions but I hope you maintain an open mind to the differences in others. I hope you embrace change and accept the world with loving arms.

I love you.

Always with endearment, your future mother.

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