Neglect is costly. It is messy. It can be painful.

It can only be ignored for a short time. Eventually the cat shit in the litter box will attract flies and the dishes will mold. People who feel unwanted will wander away and seek attention from those willing to give it.

I think a lot about a friend I have whose spouse has cheated on them. I think the reason the spouse did it is because the friend is a controlling and neglectful person. They don’t treat their spouse with respect and dignity. They don’t pay attention to their needs. They act indifferent. The spouse is neglected. The friend won’t change their ways and I won’t be surprised the next time the spouse cheats. It’s not a justification. I do think cheating is wrong but I understand why shitty people do it. Life fucking sucks sometimes.

Life happens and time is hard to come by.

What are you neglecting in your life? Is it something that you would miss if it were to cease to exist?

Wake up, set your mind to it and fix it before it is too late.

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