You will spend more time in your military career waiting then you will actually doing the job you enlisted for.

I promise.

It freaking sucks.

If you are 15 minutes early, then you are on time. If you are on time, you are technically late. If you are late, you are fucked.

So much time is spent waiting for proper ground equipment to fix the broke ass jet. Even more time is spent waiting to board the plane during a troop movement to deploy.

The Air Force is always trying to come up with ways to be time efficient while being effective war fighters. They should really look into how much time is wasted going to various briefings that could easily be a fucking email. Emails are simpler. I can read an email while I cram a sandwich in my mouth before the next set of jets are scheduled to launch. Reading an email saves my shop the trouble of having to carry my weight while I am gone.

I think that as the younger generation ages and matures, they will rise in rank and the Air Force will be that much better for it. The higher ranking individuals currently serving will be phased out due to retirement and their replacements will be more in touch with the future of the Air Force mission.

I can’t wait to see that change but in the meantime, I’ll keep fucking waiting.

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