The Air Force is always placing emphasis on being professional at all times, on-duty or off-duty. I’ve sat through various briefings that preach about staying aloof and reserved on social media websites. All Airmen are to remain alert to possible Operations Security (OPSEC) breaches. That basically means don’t take pictures of the flight line, or post about troop movements. The military briefs members on what to do in the event that a news reporters questions us. If I (or fellow armed service member) have questions, we can direct them to the public affairs office. It’s simple. Be aware of the presence you are displaying to world.

If the military expects their members to be a shining example of professionalism at any given time, then why doesn’t our commander in chief exude the same behavior?

Whenever you serve your country, you are susceptible to being in the public light. The military and the government have press protocols for a reason. It helps maintain reasonable order and prevents a press frenzy centered around rumors. Twitter and Facebook are great aids for news networks to disseminate information in a simplified and quick manner.

I don’t use Twitter. I tried it once and I thought it was a cheap knockoff from Facebook. That’s just my personal opinion. I am rather selective on the information I write about my job/personal life and what opinions I choose to disperse.

So why isn’t our president?

He wasn’t always president. He was a civilian for many years. He has probably grown accustomed to displaying his opinions in an obnoxious and unprofessional manner, simply because there was no reason to reign himself in.

Every time I see CNN simply reiterating one of Donald Trump’s tweets, I just cringe. I feel like he undermines the media circus. There are talented, hard-working reporters out there! Their job is to report the new policy you just invented Mr. President.

I would not respect my flight chief position and authority if he was tweeting various retorts to opinions and new policies to the “inter-webs“.

Please, Mr. President, reign yourself in. Learn to turn the other cheek and not send your thumbs into action when someone posts/speaks an unfavorable opinion about you. You are the commander in chief. Be the shining example for the troops you lead. Stop being the social media embarrassment.


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