George Strait

Last night was amazing. I volunteered for We Serve. I got to see George Strait, in concert, for free. Well, it was mostly for free. I had to stand on my feet for about 5 hours.

The company put me in a pretty location at the T Mobile Arena. I had a really good view of the stage. Tickets for the seats in the area I was ushering were between $200-$300. I didn’t pay a dime. I pretty stood there and directed people to their seats and ensured that the aisles remained clear.

I had a few issues with the way the company treated me and their policies. I recieved an email about a week prior that reminded me of what to wear to the event, as well as general information about how to act while on shift. They basically don’t want you asking the performers for autographs or taking pictures while you are working. The email also included written directions about where to park. Nowhere in that email stated that I wasn’t allowed to bring in my purse, or recommended that I bring my personal lock so I could use a locker to put my purse in. It also didn’t state that you had to enter the parking complex from one exit only or your parking wouldn’t be free. Before the event started, I had to run back out to the car so I could stash my purse safely.

I also was not told until it was time to work that I’m not really allowed to eat/drink or use the restroom in the area unless I am relieved for a break. No one came to relieve me for a break until the concert was almost over. I don’t know if I ever want to volunteer for that company again. The whole affair was more stressful than necessary, and poorly communicated.

That being said, I am still glad that I volunteered. George Strait was amazing in concert. I grew up listening to his music. I have all his cd’s and Pure Country is one of my favorite films. His voice hasn’t changed a bit and his music is as enjoyable as the first time I hear it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to save some money and see a country legend. At the end of the day, I learned a lesson, keep a combination lock in my purse, in case of emergency.

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