State of the house

This past week, I took leave. I needed a break from the hustle of work. I just felt run down and I had plenty of leave to take. I only took 5 days so I could still have enough leave saved up for the rest of the year. Since I had time available, I cracked down on unpacking and my mission was completed. The entire house is unpacked and sparkling clean. I am greatful that I have a husband that will help me clean the house as well as pull his weight in upkeep. I’ve have dated/been married to quite a few slobs. Thank the lord that I didn’t repeat that mistake.

 I also had some time to crank out a couple crochet projects. I found a super bulky yarn by Bernat. It’s called “Bernat Blanket Big” and I arm knitted a fluffy blanket for one. It’s currently sitting on my mushroom chair, awaiting a lazy day and an unread book. I am almost finished with a cowl. I found the pattern off of one of my favorite crochet blogs, (Moogly Blog) and I used the “Scarfie” yarn by Lion Brand. 

I included some pictures of my house and crochet projects. I took a picture of the amazing tub that is in the master bathroom. I have never had a bathtub this big and I’ve need seen a bathroom where the shower is a separate unit from the tub. The guest bathroom has a tub/shower combination and the half bath only has a toilet and sink. I am tempted to buy this house from the owner, simply because the master bathtub is divine. 

The room with the gray couches isn’t our living room, I forgot to take a photo of that. That room is my craft room. I love curling up on the couch or chair and doing a craft project. 

Anyways, the box trolls have vacated the premises and it looks like adults live here.  Finally! We can finally have guests over and not cringe with embarrassment.

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