Retraining Update #1

So I had my interview with the functional. I was thirty minutes early and I felt decently prepared. I was on leave when I scheduled the interview and wasn’t aware at that time that I was being moved to mid shift (hours are roughly 2300-0700). It was at 1400, so my sleep schedule was screwed. The functional had send an email Monday morning (after I was already home and in bed) saying to read some things before the interview. I didn’t see the email until I came in for mids and we had work to do that night. I read as much as I could in-between work. I had read all of the applicable CFETP, the applicable AFECD and about half of the AFI the functional wanted me to read.

Well, the interview was extremely short. It was maybe 5 mins. My impression of their attitude and demeanor is that the functional is passive aggressive, snotty and prissy. As I left the interview, they stated that “they would let me know”. I waited a week and I was about to send an inquiry email when I got this instead.

I have no idea what I did wrong to warrant this email. The functional waited an entire week to send me this. The next interview is the 29th of November.

I sent an email back, that stated; yes I was interested in a second interview and asked when we could get this scheduled. The functional said the 29th at 1400. I think that they forgot that I told them at the interview that I am on mid shift. I went to the first shirt and showed him this email. I told him that I sincerely believe that this functional is looking for a reason to deny me and that I feel targeted. The shirt and I had a practice interview last week so I could be more aware of my body language and work on my replies to possible questions. My fingers are crossed that this interview goes better and that the functional gives me the positive recommendation that I really need.

If the functional does not recommend me for the UTM job, I can’t finish applying and submit my package for this particular job. I really want this job and I’m frustrated that this drama is happening to me.

The other side to putting this package together is a PULHES from med group. These people are supposed to have it done in 7-10 business days. It’s been longer than that. I sent an inquiry email on Wednesday, asking for a status update. I sent the email as high importance, and turned on the “read” scripts. The read scripts tell me if they read the email or not. I checked my email on Thanksgiving and they read the email on Wednesday. They chose not to upload the completed PULHES in IMR or at least send me an email explaining the delay. I’m planning on calling them as soon as they open on Monday and everyday after that until they do their job. I’m trying to be patient and understanding. The medical world doesn’t operate like maintenance does and it’s tolerable behavior for their work centers if they go over deadlines/due dates.

If you are an airman out there that is trying to retrain, be prepared to hound others to do their job. No-one is willing to help you when you are trying to retrain.

If y’all out there have any advice for me, please feel free to drop a comment or two. I need a different job. I’m almost desperate at this point to get out of the maintenance world.

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