Speed handle Injuries

This past week was a little rough towards the end. It was about twenty minuets until turnover time and I was finishing the install of an aircraft panel. It needed one last bolt installed. I was using a speed handle to install it. For some unknown reason, the bit slipped off the head of the bolt and the speed handle came crashing into my face. My first thought was that the bit had shattered in my mouth. I spit out the parts and was shocked to see white. I had chipped my teeth. I was so upset. I take really good care of my teeth because I am terrified of the dentist.

I chipped a few teeth and bloodied my nose.

I immediately left work and went to the med group. I was hoping that they would be able to fix my teeth. I called my husband and he was able to come sit with me and calm my nerves. They were able to fix my teeth. The procedure was simple but painful. I don’t like needles and my teeth have always been very sensitive. The dentist had a had time getting me to numb up on the lower jaw. He tried to numb up the top part of my jaw but I couldn’t handle the pain from the needle. The whole procedure was distressing for me but it was worth it. They fixed it all and you can’t even tell that I busted it in the first place.

It’s all fixed and I’m grateful. I care about my teeth a lot.

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