Veteran’s Day is for Honorable Veterans!

Veteran’s Day is a day to honor those that are currently serving or have served. There are a lot of businesses out there that offer a free meal or discounts on items. A lot of places (like my favorite craft store) have military discounts. It usually ranges from 10-20 percent off. It is usually for a CAC card or retired ID card holder but most places will give it to the non-serving spouse as well.

A few spouses forget that they are not considered a veteran. They feel that because their spouse serves, they are entitled to same things that a serving member is. These people just frustrate me. They embarrass and shine a bad light on military spouses. The majority of military spouses don’t act the way that the lady did. (I attached a screenshot of her ignorant shenanigans.)

The second screenshot is just a lady that is jealous. I’m sorry internet lady that you were unable to serve and that you married a civilian. I’ve been the military brat and I don’t think that is really worth mentioning. Your parents sheltered you from the stress of the military. I’m sure you didn’t like moving but honestly, who does. Please keep your opinions stemmed from jealousy to yourself.

Veteran’s Day really is just a day to say thank you for those that put their hopes and dreams on hold to support the mission of the military. I personally believe that veterans who graduate basic military training, technical schooling and get out of the military honorably are the ones who truly deserve the honor, respect and thank you’s.

I know an airman from my last base that ended up getting kicked out for two article 15’s. One was for insurance fraud and the other was for a hit and run. It sounds worse then what it was. The insurance fraud charge was for trying to claim hail damage on a car when the airman bought the car with hail damage. The hit and run charge was from hitting the unit safety representative’s vehicle and continuing to drive away after a commander’s call. The airman was a decent mechanic but remaining truthful was a struggle for him. The airman tried blaming me for one of his mistakes on the exhaust nozzle on the engine. I wasn’t even in the building at the time. Explaining that shit-show to the flight chief was not a fun experience and while she believed me, the rest of the shop did not. I think that is one of the moments where I started to be shunned from that work center.

Anyways, (I got a little off topic) this airman tells everyone he “quit” the Air Force because his wife wanted him to. Sorry to burst your bubble, but unless you are a screw-up or your contract is fulfilled, you can’t “quit” the military. Regardless of all the drama and problems he caused, he still gets the polite handshake, a thank you and a free meal as if he was a stellar airman that helped get that jet of the ground.

That stuff just bugs me. I am not the airman he was. The majority of airmen in the Air Force are not like him. That’s why their discharges say honorable and not; general, other than honorable, or dishonorable. I have a lot of pride in the Air Force and it angers me every time someone does something to tarnish the reputation of the service. I will not say thank you to those that caused problems and headaches for their supervisors, flight chiefs, or commanders. I just can’t.

I feel like it’s accepting failure as “good enough”. I will never accept that and you shouldn’t either. There’s standards and rules in the military. If you can’t meet or abide by them, you embarrass yourself and the service. That shouldn’t be awarded. Would you reward or thank your child for poor behavior or performance?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

I’ve been in for almost five years, and my husband has been in for almost 7 years. We’ve easily managed to meet the standards and abide by the rules without any punishments or a paper trail. It’s not that hard.

The military isn’t for everyone. If it were, our manning would not be stretched thin.

**(I apologize if this post is offensive. This is just my opinion and the whole point of my blog is to give you a glimpse into the world I live in everyday.)**

I’m pretty sure that the lady posting this in the group meant to write “dependent” instead of “dependence”. Veteran’s Day discounts are not intended for the spouses that have never served in the military. Veteran’s Day is not about the spouses. They have their own day that celebrates their impact on the individual serving.
The ignorance and selfishness of this woman is astonishing. I am not entitled to free things, or discounts. This woman is very jealous that there are people/businesses out there that like to honor the sacrifice that U.S military members make every day and decide to give things out for free and discounts. If you don’t like it lady, then please, raise your right hand and sign on the line like I did.

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