Retraining Update #2

This is now old news but it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I did have the second interview with the UTM functional. It went a lot smoother than the first one and it lasted longer as well. It was still awkward. The functional asked why my last EPR was so terrible. (It really isn’t “terrible”, I was rated as “Meets expectations” all across the board. That means I do my job and stay out of trouble.) I explained that I had a rough go of things at my last base, maintenance is not very nice to their young Airmen. I got emotional. The functional said that they were looking for my soft side, not the confident jet troop that I came into the interview as. I was hoping that my hiccup of emotions would not result in me getting their disapproval. (I need a memorandum from them that states they approve me for my package.) It seemed promising because the interviewer stated that if I am accepted to retrain, they want to be my supervisor and mentor me. The interview was wrapping up, the functional asked what other jobs I had listed on my retraining interview. I had only listed UTM and manpower. I told the functional that I wasn’t interested in applying for manpower anymore. They said that the first thing they wanted to start mentoring me in, was to keep my options open. The UTM functional I just interviewed with wanted me to meet with the manpower functional.  They said that after I did that, if I still felt passionate about being a UTM, they would write me the approval memorandum I needed to apply for retraining. As soon as the interview was over, I called the manpower functional, he was unavailable. I think he was TDY somewhere. I was going to have to wait until he came back to have the interview that the UTM functional was forcing me into having.

I didn’t even get the chance to have the interview.

The UTM fucntional sent me this email a couple days after the interview stating that they decided to non-recommend me. My current job as an Aerospace Propulsion Journeyman requires me to pay close attention to detail, follow instructions precisely, be able to relay information without abrasiveness, listen effectively without interruption and engage all members of a unit, regardless of rank. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with my email traffic. All I responded to this email was for the official non-recommendation memorandum. I will not have a liar and a manipulative person as a mentor. Those are not traits I want to emulate.

There’s no way for me to repeal this decision. When they sent me this email, they also sent it to the Career Field Manager level. I was effectively  and professional screwed over for this position.

So I canceled the current retraining application and reapplied. This time I listed Chaplain’s Assistant and Personnel on it. I had the required interview for the Chaplain’s Assistant and it was a lot more promising than any of the ones I had for UTM. I want that job pretty bad.

I’m not stressing about this stuff anymore. If retraining is approved for me, awesome. If not, I will be free to go to college full-time. I will be out of maintenance within a year and a half. Only time will tell if the Air Force will stay in my future.

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