First Birthday

I think that my husband and I are the only parents out there that believe throwing a birthday party for your 1 year old is silly. We aren’t sure if we even want to throw a birthday celebration for a 2 year old. We will make that decision based on our child’s cognitive understanding when the time comes.

A one year old child isn’t even going to have memories of being that little. Why am I going to get a cake, arrange for food and invite a bunch of people to celebrate a birthday that my child is not even going to remember. I can easily get a single cupcake and snap a photo for the scrapbook and call it a day well spent.

I don’t want my child to have a bunch of noneducational toys. I’d rather people gift clothes, books or learning games.

Am I going to be a horrible parent because I don’t believe celebrating birthdays for younger children should be a “thing”. I believe that it encourages selfishness and spoils the child.

There’s a lot of parenting styles that I don’t agree with.

I will not allow the child to sleep in my room or bed. I know that there are studies to support the benefits of sharing your bed with your child but I personally feel that it is lazy parenting. I know it isn’t easy to get your child to sleep in a different room, but it is possible. It takes consistency and I think that most parents just don’t want to fight with their kids a lot.

I feel that kids should be in bed around 1900. I know some parents that have younger children going to bed between midnight and 0200. I think that setting the separate room and an early bedtime precedence early on within the first 3 months will make it easier to enforce on toddlers and older children. It will just take strict enforcement.

I also believe that no toddler has any business watching more that an hour or two of TV. I think that it causes learning delays and doesn’t encourage enough social interaction or creativity.

Maybe all my opinions will change when my child is finally here but I suspect that I will stick to my beliefs. After all, it is my child.

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