Retraining Update #3

The final document that I need for my retraining package is the recommendation letter for the chaplain assistant position. I am hoping to get that document sometime this week. Once I have that document loaded my Mypers, my retraining package will be reviewed by AFPC. I am getting closer to receiving an answer about retraining.

I have everything that I need for my personnel (3S0X1) package. When I requested eligibility for retraining a second time, I removed manpower (3S3X1) from my list but I left UTM (3S2X1) on there. I found out that the functional manager that denied me in November is no longer the functional. I scheduled an interview with new functional and received the “approval” recommendation. I didn’t need a second interview. The demeanor of this interviewer was drastically different. This base functional was respectful and kind.

I am very glad that the new functional for that career field believes, (in their professional opinion) that I posses the ability or can execute:

1.)  Pay close attention to details

2.) I follow instructions precisely

3.) I will be able to effectively relay training policies/changes without abrasiveness

4.) Listen effectively without interruption

5.) Effectively engage all members, regardless of rank

6.) Make pertinent decisions based upon training statics, squadron tempo, and much more

I am not sure what “issue” the previous functional manager had with me. In my professional opinion, the previous functional was wrong. I believe that they had a personal issue with me and was going to deny me regardless of anything I did or did not do.

Either way, I got the approval I needed and the decision on whether I get the position or not will rest with AFPC and the boards. May karma bless those who deserve it.

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