Retraining Update #4

My retraining package has been submitted. I got the last required document that I needed last week and I got that uploaded into MyPers on Friday evening. The next step for my package is a career field manager review and an AFPC review to make sure that I have all the required documents. Once those reviews are done, my package goes to boards. I am really hoping that I get the job on the first board. I’m praying that my package wasn’t too late and there are still openings available. I’ve hit so many roadblocks during this process.

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. The stress of the unknown feels stifling. If my package is accepted, I don’t know what my class dates will be. I also don’t know how the tech-school-class-dates thing works if I am pregnant. What if the dates they give me are too close are right on my due date? Will I lose the opportunity to retrain?

I’ve scoured the AFI for answers but I don’t think that I am looking in the right place. I will keep looking. As much as I trust the talkative young airmen that work in the MPF, I’d rather see it in black Times New Roman font for myself.

All this stress isn’t good for the baby but at least my house is getting really spotless. (I tend to stress clean or go for a run, but lately, I can not stray far from a toilet. That morning sickness is no joke folks!) I’m keeping my head up and focusing on learning the debrief position of my job since I can’t work on the actual flight line while I am pregnant.

Only time will tell if this is the plan that God has for me.

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