Retraining Update #5

A miracle has occurred. I got my package submitted in time so I made the boards in the 1st of March. I’ve been approved for retraining into the 3F2X1 (formally 3S2X1), also known as Education and Training career field. This is the career field that I originally wanted when I started this entire process of November/December of last year.

I am so excited that it was approved and that it was for my original first choice. I feel very blessed and I am really glad that I took the advice from the first base functional that I met with. That functional said “Please do not get discouraged by this non-recommendation, but use it as a stepping stone to reach the next great opportunity”

I fought long and hard for this retraining opportunity. I didn’t give up when I faced unfair bias and undeserved judgement. I really hope that other Airmen out there that are trying to retrain do the same thing.

I leave for tech school in April and will graduate in June. It feels so good to look at the calendar and see that I have a little more than 1 month left as a maintainer. It’s taken a lot of patience, sweat and aircraft grime to get where I am now.

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