Mother’s Day 2018

Today is my first Mother’s Day.

Well, it kinda is. I am 18 weeks pregnant with our first and probably only child. I don’t think this really counts as my first Mother’s Day because I haven’t actually given birth, but my husband has celebrated it for me anyways. There are a lot of opinions out there about who can and can’t celebrate Mother’s Day. I think that if you are pregnant, a woman that has given birth and is a good mother (not a lazy one with skewed priorities or an absentee one) or a single father, this holiday includes you too.

My husband took me out to dinner last night and surprised me an apple keyboard for my iPad Pro that I have been eyeballing forever. Our best friends gave me an Apple Pencil too. I have wanted these things for awhile now and it will probably be the only Mother’s Day that I get presents that aren’t “mommy” related. I’m really blessed and grateful to have husband that spoils me.

This morning, Matthew has arranged for Uber Eats to bring me some breakfast and I get the bed and the tv to myself. He’s going shooting today. I’d love to go but shooting while pregnant isn’t doctor-recommended. I do enjoy short periods of time alone and away from my husband.

I hope all the mothers out there enjoyed their special Sundays.

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