Living with your parents

How old were you when you moved out of your parent’s house?

I was recently talking to some senior leadership and surprised when I was told that someone moving out of their parent’s house at the age that I did and the reason not be because of college (that the parent’s were paying for) or the military is something they haven’t really heard of.

I was 18. I haven’t moved back once. I’ve literally had a job, my own car (that I paid for myself) and a place to live for 8 years. The military didn’t help me out. I joined the military after living on my own for about 3 year. I didn’t have roommates. I did it all by myself. I’ve never been on any government assistance like food stamps, Medicare, etc.

I didn’t go to college straight out of high school because I thought it was illogical to get in a massive amount of debt for education. I also didn’t want my parents to pay for it. That’s why I ended up joining the military later down the road. I wanted to live on my own and work for awhile before starting school. I didn’t want to live off my parents. They raised me. I was a legal adult.

There are people that are still living with their parents. The people that I know are in their early-mid 20’s! They are a married couple and they have not 1, but 2 children. The husband in that couple also fathered a child with someone else when they were separated.

I just don’t understand that. Why is living with your parents as legal adults becoming a new social norm?

I really, really hope that when my child reaches adulthood, she isn’t a failure to launch. Please lord, let me do something right.

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