It sounds like a made up word, but I promise you it isn’t. Basically, the fancy word just means crocheted toys. I recently tried it and I’ve just been hooked. (>.< Literally….) I think I’ve found my crochet niche. I still enjoy making blankets and afghans. The toys and sweaters are just a lot more enjoyable and take a lot less time to make. I recently made a llama and a penguin for a friend’s children. She was the one that was taking care of Emily while I was taking care of all the appointments I had to go to in order to get out of the military.

Both patterns were extremely well-written and easy to follow. I linked the free llama pattern. It’s from the Red Heart website. Crocheting all that fur was very, very time consuming. Once you get the pattern down, it’s really easy to just mindlessly make all the loops while watching tv. The penguin pattern can be purchased on Etsy from the shop “JoyfulRound”. She has a couple options. I bought the bundle that included the penguin chick. She also has options to purchase them separately.

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