I hung it up!

I decided to make the change from SSgt Henseler to Mrs. Henseler! I officially separated from the military on 4 March 2019. I opted to separate early due to childbirth instead of waiting until my contract was up in June 2019. I want to be home more and raise my daughter. If I stayed in and went back to work, I’d probably stay off the flight line because I am breastfeeding my daughter but the hours would still flex in debrief. I was going to be put on swings which doesn’t really work with marriage and my medical appointments. I’d also see my child less.

Ever since the first moment that I held her in my arms, my priorities shifted. I want to be home more and watch her grow. I wasn’t happy being in the military but I am really happy to be a stay-at-home mom.

Life feels more enjoyable. Some days are harder than others, especially when I let the laundry pile up or forgot to wash the crock pot the night before. Emily is a pretty easy baby to care for and she doesn’t get fussy very often. I hit the baby jackpot with her! I’m looking forward to starting some online classes in the fall and enjoying time spent with my husband and daughter.

One thought on “I hung it up!

  1. I spent 5 years in the Spanish legion, now back to my real passion, although the army was the best and worst part in my life. I have to say that you look very young to have been a Staff Sergeant ( I have two friends in the U.S Marines so I know quite a lot of the terminology and acronyms in English), here in Spain to get to your rank you have to stay in for a looooong time, you have to make it your career which after two tours I had enough, the adrenaline was gone. Hold on, did you say “Emily is a pretty easy kid to take care off”? Babies for me are……little monsters, they torture you! They don’t let you sleep, it´s the responsibility of taking care of a life, I don’t know how you women do it. But glad you are enjoying your transition to the civilian world with that beautiful kid.

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