I hung it up!

I decided to make the change from SSgt Henseler to Mrs. Henseler! I officially separated from the military on 4 March 2019. I opted to separate early due to childbirth instead of waiting until my contract was up in June 2019. I want to be home more and raise my daughter. If I stayed in and went back to work, I’d probably stay off the flight line because I am breastfeeding my daughter but the hours would still flex in debrief. I was going to be put on swings which doesn’t really work with marriage and my medical appointments. I’d also see my child less.

Ever since the first moment that I held her in my arms, my priorities shifted. I want to be home more and watch her grow. I wasn’t happy being in the military but I am really happy to be a stay-at-home mom.

Life feels more enjoyable. Some days are harder than others, especially when I let the laundry pile up or forgot to wash the crock pot the night before. Emily is a pretty easy baby to care for and she doesn’t get fussy very often. I hit the baby jackpot with her! I’m looking forward to starting some online classes in the fall and enjoying time spent with my husband and daughter.

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