Losing the baby weight

There is a tremendous amount of pressure in society to lose the “baby weight” after you give birth. I do think it’s important to lose the weight but I do think that there should not be a time limit on it. Goals are nice but not always reality.

I have officially lost all my baby weight (40lbs). It took me 5 months. It probably would have taken less if I ate a little better in January/February. I started eating a modified “keto” diet. I make keto-friendly foods (since that is what my husband eats) but stay under 50 grams of carbs. I noticed if I eat less that 50, my milk supply starts to decrease (I’m still breastfeeding) and if I eat more than that, my weight loss tapers off.

As with any diet or healthy eating plan, working out optimizes results. I run every other night and do body weight exercises on the nights that I don’t run. I’m still on weight lifting restrictions from the doctor.

I’ve got 10 pounds to my ideal weight. I’m so close that I can feel my “skinny” jeans on already!!

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