Update since the blogging hiatus.

It’s been awhile since I felt like sitting down at the computer to blog. Life had been wild and busy since I last posted.

In April, I was hospitalized for a couple weeks with a brain infection which led to acidosis. I was really lucky that I lived and suffer no disabilities from it. It was touch and go there for awhile but God decided to give me a second chance. I am incredibly thankful that the women in our church took my daughter to the women’s retreat while I was being treated (until my mom was able to fly into town). My husband’s leadership gave him time off so he could be at the hospital with me. I’m glad that my mom was able to fly out in the event that I didn’t make it.

Shortly after that fiasco, my husband and I went to Georgia to visit his family for Easter. It was enjoyable. Emily wasn’t walking or crawling yet so she wasn’t able to partake in the festivities. About a week after we got home, she started crawling. She was 7 months old.

This summer was smooth sailing. I started an online college program for an associates degree to become veterinary technician. I also started working for Rover as incentive get out of the house and keep the baby weight off.

Things started getting crazy in August. My husband made tech sergeant and got orders to the UK and we were supposed to move by Halloween. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to take the assignment because of me. We also didn’t find out that I was medically denied until a week before our move date. However the highlight is that Emily started walking at 10 months old!

It’s no secret that I have some mental health issues and I haven’t been in therapy since February. When I finished the program I was in, I was deemed stable, worldwide qualified and eligible to re-enlist. The care plan for me clearly states “therapy on an as needed basis”. I also was deemed stable to discharge from the military in March. I had no restrictions or care recommendations because I was stable! Nonetheless, the military decided that my case was “severe” enough to be considered EFMP (exceptional family member program; it sounds fancy but it’s a shit program unless you or your child actually have issues like autism) and “Q” coded my husband. There is no way to fight the decision to get coded for EFMP and no way to get it removed, even when it’s not necessary and it’s bullshit. Thankfully, Nellis said that I only needed a psychologist on an as-needed basis.

Mildenhall decided that that I needed to see a psychologist biannually and they were “unable” to provide mental health care for me because they “didn’t” have a psychologist and I haven’t been in any sort of treatment since this past February. Since I haven’t been in any kind of care since February, Mildenhall’s EFMP said that I’m too “unknown” and a “risk”.

I put things in quotations because they are either untrue or bullshit. First off, according to AFI guidance, the gaining base is ONLY supposed to determine if they can provide care. Mildenhall was trying (and ultimately succeeded) in “diagnosing” the care I “needed”. Mildenhall technically does have providers that can see me. The providers are off base, accept Tricare insurance and are accepting new clients. The base didn’t follow AFI guidance and search with in the specified off base radius for off-base providers if there were none on base. Mildenhall EFMP also wasted a lot of time asking my husband for my medical stuff that was already in my records and technically not necessary to determine if they could provide care.

After it was denied, my husband filed an appeal. The package was sent up to the Majcom level and we got fucked. Majcom said that they concurred with Mildenhall and I was officially medically denied. Mildenhall and Majcom were supposed to go of Nellis’s recommendation but neither did. I’m not even in the military anymore and I’m still getting fucked over by them.

Now that the holidays are rolling in, my husband got last minute TDY orders to NCOA (Non-commissioned officer academy, basically a leadership course that you have to take before you pin on master sergeant) and it’s in Texas. He’s going to miss Thanksgiving but thankfully he will be home for Christmas. I drove to Iowa last week with my daughter and dog. I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my parents and leaving to go home about a week before Christmas.

I’m making a goal to get back into blogging and try to find my groove. I do enjoy it but I just don’t know what to write about most of the time.

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